Recent projects


Limestone driveway, Tallaght South Dublin

Limestone on your driveway or patio gives a unique and natural warmth at first sight. In this project, you will get the chance to see its ability of transformation. To start the initial stage of transformation, the old tarmac driveway was dug out and the pillars were demolished to be replaced with the new ones. Hardcore base was then set in place and with the help of vibrations of the wacker plate, required firmness was accomplished as a starting point for any long lasting paving. Concrete foundations were poured and let to dry for a planned new pillars and a…


Gravel driveways, Raheny County Dublin

  Two similar projects on the same street were completed by our team here at Driveway Paving.   An old concrete driveway was replaced with a beautiful combination of beach pebble gravel and silver granite slabs with granite cobbles on the first project. To make better use of the space; The front wall was demolished together with the pillar , and this granted the house owner the extra parking space. Excavation of the concrete for the base was the next necessary step before the following; Install the membrane which helps in stopping weed from peaking, and on top of the…


Imprinted concrete, Clondalkin, Dublin

  Imprinted concrete to some might seem as a simple solution, but multiple details require careful attention in order to achieve the highest of quality. Like in all trades, there are some secrets which experience brings. Next we will explain the two-day process. Every project we do, almost always requires some digging to set the proper base and to replace the old driveway that was once there. And this project was no different. We excavated the required amount of dirt and concrete, which was once the pavement, to get the desired depth and shape for the base. We topped, with…


Gravel driveway, Palmerstown Dublin

  The builder who started this project trusted us with finishing two driveways and a patio in Palmerstown, in which we used identical, top quality materials. He welcomed our team with the finished groundwork on both sites. Ready to take on the first driveway, we warmed up our hands with a heavy duty wacker plate to compact the ground. Firstly we ran the wacker to ensure that the hardcore base will remain solid for many upcoming years, and we ran it the second time to level the paving sandwhich keeps everything in level for cobblelock installation for a flawless finish…


Granite Patio, Rathmines, South Dublin

In this blog we will break down, in small simple steps, the process of a granite patio installation on our first project this year, and get back on track with garden makeovers. The whole idea was to make some nice walking space around the house and space for garden chairs in the patio, connecting garden doors with the shed for cleaner surfaces on rainy days. In order to do so; excavation of the topsoil was needed in the space between the house and the shed, to accomplish the  required level for the base. We then installed the hardcore base after…


Asphalt driveway, Drimnagh, South Dublin

Another concrete driveway makeover, explained in few simple steps. This was the final project of 2020. and what a better way to end this year, than with another high quality driveway finish and a happy customer! Breaking and digging out the concrete first took place, followed with installing of a new hardcore base. Wacker plate was used to run over the new base to compact all the rocks solid. Silver granite setts 100×200 split finish were set for the borders to give it an attractive finish. On the left side of the driveway, a flowerbed area was left to contribute…


Granite cobblestone driveway, Templeogue, Dublin Southside

  Following is a driveway makeover project with one of the best solutions out there, and the whole process explained in a very few simple steps. Granite cobblestone, also called setts are a solution for driveways that is proven to guarantee you only the top quality finish. This paving option is hard to beat considering hard wearing cobbles and incredibly durable and low maintenance, if job is done properly. On this driveway, there was already existing concrete base which had to be dug out. Existing base was replaced with a new hardcore one, which was run over with a heavy…


Garden wall built in Lucan, County Dublin

  Next project we are presenting, is a successfully built garden wall, and the process behind it, explained in simple steps. To start the whole project, excavation of topsoil was needed for upcoming foundation which will set the line of the wall. Strong concrete was poured and left to dry. Once we were happy with the foundation, we could start laying 9 inch hollow cavity blocks, with red brick capping, laid as a soldier course on the top of the wall. To match the house, red bricks were also used for the pillars along with the concrete pier capping. For…


Wall built in Cornelscourt, South Dublin

  We present you a hedge transformation. An old overgrown hedge was cut down to create some space for a planned wall. Concrete was poured as a foundation on which we built 4 inch solid blocks. Blocks were capped with concrete cappings. The whole wall was plastered along with the pillars. On projects like this, plaster needs to be completely dry to be painted, so we came back another day , and gave this wall a clean look. For more projects like this, visit our walls and fencing gallery. Give us a call now for your free no obligation quotation…


Granite steps, Maynooth

  A request was presented to us by a customer. They said we need ‘something fancy’ , to go well with the house. You decide if we fulfilled the expectations. Our suggestion was accepted, and we went for silver bullnose granite steps. Existing concrete steps were cladded with slabs 50mm in thickness, and bullnose corner pieces were installed which gave it a stunning look. For more similar results, visit our steps and flowerbeds page. Give us a call now for your free no obligation quotation on 0852175888 or 019039026. You can also reach us by email at [email protected] or via Whatsapp.