Two similar projects on the same street were completed by our team here at Driveway Paving.

An old concrete driveway was replaced with a beautiful combination of beach pebble gravel and silver granite slabs with granite cobbles on the first project.

To make better use of the space;

  • The front wall was demolished together with the pillar , and this granted the house owner the extra parking space.
  • Excavation of the concrete for the base was the next necessary step before the following;
  • Install the membrane which helps in stopping weed from peaking, and on top of the membrane;
  • We installed the hardcore base which we compacted well with the help of the wacker plate.
  • Next we prepared the garden walls for painting, which was also in the agreed plan for the renovation. We had to render them to get the smooth finish and then all the coats of paint followed.
  • Installation of the flowerbed – For the bottom left corner a flower bed was sketched which came to life in the form of a block wall with black slate cladding and a silver granite slab which capped it off.
  • Double silver bullnose granite steps were installed at the front door.
  • Then commenced the laying of the footpath which is leading towards steps. Large silver granite slabs 300×600 were used on this path. Silver granite cobbles 100×200 were used as borders for the smooth transition. Flower section along the right side of the driveway was bordered with silver large granite kerbs. All previous activities led to this point where everything was ready for the final two steps, which were;
  • Spreading the dust on top of the hardcore base which serves as the bottom layer before the gravel and stops it from mixing with the hardcore, and then,
  • Spreading of the beach pebble gravel 20mm in thickness in its place and evening it out.
Gravel driveway raheny

On the second project, just up the road from the first one, a similar process was repeated with the walls, pillars and excavation of existing, imprinted concrete driveway. This time, the opening up of the space gave the benefit of 2 car parking spaces.

For the preparation for gravel installation, we undertook the following steps;

  • membrane was set along with the
  • Installation of the hardcore base which needs to be firmly in place to ensure the best possible results for years to come.
  • Step installation – Front doors needed a step, and we made it with the same Egyptian yellow limestone as for the footpath across the middle of the driveway which is leading towards the doors. For more variety for this design;
  • The sides were framed, and the front entrance was paved with the 100×200 Portuguese granite cobbles. All the slabs and cobbles were pointed with strong mix mortar sand and cement to ensure that the weeds won’t grow through the joints and that no cracking will occur. After this we
  • Spread the layer of dust , then
  • 20 mm thick shannon gold gravel was installed and evened which completed off this project and added another smile to the face of a happy customer.

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