Imprinted concrete to some might seem as a simple solution, but multiple details require careful attention in order to achieve the highest of quality. Like in all trades, there are some secrets which experience brings. Next we will explain the two-day process.

Every project we do, almost always requires some digging to set the proper base and to replace the old driveway that was once there. And this project was no different.

  • We excavated the required amount of dirt and concrete, which was once the pavement, to get the desired depth and shape for the base.
  • We topped, with the hardcore base of 50mm of thickness, the excavated area , and then ran across every corner with the wacker plate, because firm base is the recipe for the success. Puddles, and collected water on driveways are not only aesthetically wrong, they can also cause imrpinted concrete deterioration over time, so to prevent this from happening, we;
  • Installed ACO drains all across the width of the base, and established connection with the existing gully of the house for safe water drainage. All the activities for the first day were finished with the;
  • Installation of the bullnose granite kerbing which will separate the imprint concrete from the grass area and also draw a nice line along the edges.

Second day, after successful preparation, it was time for early arrival of the concrete so that we can have enough time to let printed concrete to dry a little, so that we can then stamp the pattern freely.

  • We poured four inches of high quality concrete. After we;
  • Floated a smooth finish,
  • We coated it with the slate colour and finally;
  • Stamped the ashlar printing design.

Only one last layer of sealer was added a couple of days later for shiny finish and maintain the colour of the concrete dye, and this project was officially complete.

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