Paving maintenance

Driveway Paving offers a full range of paving maintenance services. Whether it’s a once off or a regular paving maintenance program, we can offer competitive quotes for all your maintenance needs.

Paving maintenance – Power Washing

We do deep clean power washing which will restore your driveway or patio to it’s former condition. Our commercial strength power washer can remove even the heaviest of debris and clean deep into slabs or cobbles to  bring them back to their original colour.

Sandstone Patio Paving Dublin

Re-Sanding and re-grouting

Maintaining your driveway or patio will ensure it looks its best for years to come. This may include re-sanding or re-grouting your driveway or patio. Re-sanding is done after power washing as the power washer removes a lot of the sand between the joints of cobbles or concrete slabs. The re-sanding helps to ensure stability of the cobbles or slabs and helps suppress weed growth. Re-grouting can be carried out on natural stone slabs where the original grouting may have come loose or worn away. We carry out re-grouting with sand and cement as it is a permanent solution that will withstand power washing and deep cleaning without getting damaged.

Concrete Paving slabs
Concrete Paving slabs


Sealing your driveway or patio is an important part of any paving maintenance program. It helps to prevent water penetrating the material and fading the colour. After a deep power washing it may be necessary to re-seal your paving area.This depends on the last time it was sealed and the type of sealer used.

Additional services

In addition to the above maintenance options, we also repair any damaged areas of your paving. We can replace oil stained cobbles or chipped paving stones. We can rectify any drainage issues in old or badly laid paving areas.

So whether you are looking for a once off repair, regular maintenance or just some advice on your options, why not give us a call now on 019039026 or 0852175888.

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