Garden Walls

Here at Driveway Paving we have a wide range of options for garden walls and sheds. We build all types; brick, block, and natural stone. We have a range of finishes from plastering/rendering to stone cladding so we are sure to find the perfect option for your garden. You can create a distinctive look by using some of our recommended wall materials such as Cooley, Causeway and Ashford, products of Kilsaran. We build pillars, seating areas, barbecue areas, sheds and more. We also provide a plastering and painting service for old and new walls to give a smooth, finished look.

Block Walls:

Driveway Paving can offer you a competitive price for building your block wall. We take care of everything from start to finish. We prepare the area, dig and pour foundations, lay the blocks and then finish the wall whichever way you choose. This can be done by rendering the wall, painting the wall or adding stone cladding depending on your taste. We can use standard solid of cavity blocks or we also use the Ashford decorative walling range from Kilsaran which comes already finished in a variety of colours.

Bricks Walls:

We have a vast amount of experience in brick wall construction. We can provide you with a huge range of brick styles and colours to choose from. From old style tumbled bricks, reclaimed bricks, to modern square edged bricks, you are sure to find the ideal brick to suit your garden area.

Natural Stone garden Walls:

Natural stone walling can be a beautiful addition to your garden or driveway. With a range of options including granite, limestone, sandstone and quartz walling, you will certainly find the stone you are looking for. Natural stone garden walls stand the test of time and won’t fade or lose their colour in the future. You can power wash them and they will come back to looking like new again.

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