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Gravel or pebble can be a versatile, cost effective solution for your driveway or can be used as an addition to your paving project. It can be used for paths, flower beds and much more. With a range of textures and colours to choose from it can enhance any garden area. There is a wide variety to choose from such as White Marble, Wicklow Granite, Plumstone, Clonard gold, Ballykane, Curragh Pebble, Donegal Quartz, Ballylusk, Pink Granite, Plum Slate, Beach Pebble, Golden Flint and more.

There is a wide variety to choose from such as:

  • White MarbleGravel with stepstones
  • Wicklow Granite
  • Plumstone
  • Clonard gold
  • Ballykane
  • Curragh Pebble
  • Donegal Quartz
  • Ballylusk
  • Pink Granite
  • Plum Slate
  • Beach Pebble
  • Golden Flint and more.

Gravel design  Gravel flower bed

Gravel Driveway

As with all types of hardscaping, the preparation and installation process for gravel is very important to ensure a lasting job. Firstly we inspect the existing ground for drainage and levels, then we commence digging the ground to the required depth. then we lay a geotextile membrane to prevent weeds from growing through the pebble after installation. Following that, we lay hardcore and compact it with a plate compactor. We then spread a fine dust and compact it again, this binds to the hardcore and ensures the hardcore won’t appear through the pebble with use. Finally, we spread your chosen pebble.



A wide variation  of gravel

With gravel you have a huge range of options, not only can you choose from a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes but we can also install a border or central design to add to your project. You can choose a variety of options for the border such as sandstone, limestone, granite or cobblelock. And we can offer advice to help you choose the perfect product to compliment your chosen pebble. If you would like to add a design to your driveway, we can add a circle design, a diamond design or a combination of designs to your project. These designs are made from the same range of materials as the border; granite, limestone, sandstone or cobblelock so you are certain to find the perfect design to suit your taste.

Gravel driveway

If you would like to avail of a free quotation for gravel or pebble installation, give us a call now on 019039026 or 0852175888 or contact us through our contact form.