Paving Installation

If you decide to avail of our services, we assure you a highly efficient service from start to finish. Once we commence work we finish within the agreed timeframe and all work will be carried out with as little disruption to you as possible. Our customer is our priority and we strive to ensure complete satisfaction. There is no deposit or installments required, you only pay the agreed price on completion when you are totally satisfied with the job.

We use only the highest quality products for all our paving works and we know that there is no point paying for the best materials if the job is not done right. Here at Driveway Paving, we have a huge amount of experience in installation of all types of paving, whether it is laying cobblelock on sand or sandstone on mortar, we ensure the highest quality of workmanship at all times.
The installation process starts by thoroughly surveying the area, so we can plan out the levels and drainage the area needs. Following this, digging commences while at all times taking great care to be careful of underground services. When the ground has been dug to a suitable depth, we can install drainage and we lay the hardcore and compact it using a plate compactor. We then lay the sand on top of the hardcore and compact this again. Then the sand will be screeded to get the required levels to lay the paving. The paving is then lay on this sand and fine sand is swept into the joints to prevent movement and inhibit weeds.
For natural stone, the process is similar until the hardcore is laid. Then, instead of sand, we lay the stone with wet sand and cement mixed and the joints are jointed with the same mortar mix. This ensures no weeds can appear through the joints.

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