Roadstone Paving

  One of the most important things you have to keep in mind while paving your driveway or patio is to focus on both foundation and aesthetic. It is not just a saying but an actual truth that whenever someone visits the place you call your home; they will go back and think about your hospitality and how you have curated the house. The curation process starts from just the outdoors, the entrance, and well, what better way to indulge in some long-lasting quality and design than with  Roadstone Paving.   Driveway paving as a construction company based in Dublin,…


Paving Contractor Dublin

Paving contractor dublin The new year is on its way, and as the winter begins to thaw and the spring cleaning mindset beckons, new efforts relating to driveway health can begin. Many see restoration of their property as a chore, but if you’re careful in the driveway contractor services you select, you’ll likely have a great deal of fun. Updating your driveway for 2020 can be a great idea. Not only does this enable you to repair the damage or wear and tear that might have taken place over the last ten years, but also the biting winter that is…


Porcelain Paving Contractor Dublin

Porcelain Paving Contractor Dublin Porcelain paving installation is the latest trend in Dublin. More and more homeowners prefer porcelain as their chosen paving material in Dublin over the last two years. It provides an exceptionally consistent finish that offers a sleek and sophisticated design edge to your indoor and outdoor paving. Driveway Paving specializes as a porcelain paving contractor Dublin and surrounding areas. Porcelain paving contractor Dublin – production Porcelain slabs are made using clays that are fired to a very high temperature to create a hard and durable finish. The mixture of clay and sand boasts the look and…


Driveway Paving and Patio Glossary

Paving glossary paving terms We try here in our glossary of paving terms to put all the technical words you will see in our website. This is not exhaustive and we will add more and more words to this paving Glossary. Aggregate Aggregate is a category of minerals and materials utilized in building. The precise aggregate used varies vastly between kinds of building jobs, but it surely usually consists of sand, gravel, stone, recycled concrete and generally lighter supplies like clay and pumice.  Combination is a serious element of asphalt concrete (used to pave roads, driveways and parking tons) and…

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Cost of Paving a Driveway

So you’re planning on paving your driveway, but you’re unsure as to how much you need to budget for it? It can be difficult to find information on the cost of paving a driveway online and this is due to the fact that every job is so different it can be hard to give a price guide. To help you get an idea of the cost you can expect to pay when paving your driveway, we have written this pricing guide with descriptions and costs of the different paving options we offer.


Driveway Paving

We are your one stop shop when it comes to having your driveway paved. Our company will take care of every last detail. We supply a huge range of driveway paving materials and we install your driveway for a very competitive price. So where do you start? Have a look at our galleries to get some ideas of paving styles you might like. Then all you have to do is give us a call and we will look after everything for your driveway. Driveway Paving will call out to your home to view your existing driveway. Based on what we…

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Natural Stone Paving Deals

Are you looking to have a natural stone paving driveway or patio installed? Then you have come to the right place. Not only do we offer the most competitive rates for all types of natural stone work but we carry out all natural stone paving works to the highest standards. Who we are Driveway Paving is a Dublin based paving contractor. We cover Dublin, Kildare and parts of Wicklow. We have many years of experience in all aspects of paving installation and we specialise in natural stone paving work. Natural stone paving – Deciding which stone When it comes to…

Porcelain patio

Patio special offers

Patio special offers from Driveway Paving Here at Driveway Paving, we are offering amazing end of summer deals on all patios. From supply to installation, we will look after everything and for rock bottom prices. So why not give us a call now on 019039026 or 0852175888 for your free quotation and avail of our patio special offers? Why choose Driveway Paving for your patio installation: Competitive pricing We pride ourselves on bringing the best quality paving to our customers at affordable prices. We have secured deals with our suppliers to help bring you the best quality in patio paving…


Patio Paving

Patio Paving Here at Driveway Paving, we are your Dublin based patio paving specialists. We have a vast amount of experience in all aspects of patios and paving. A patio from Driveway Paving can make a huge difference to your garden. Whether you would like a small seating area or a larger patio area, we can offer attractive and affordable solutions to suit your needs. You can choose from a huge range of materials for your patio including: Granite Patios Sandstone Patios Limestone Patios Natural Stone Patios Cobblelock Patios Concrete slab Patios Concrete Patios Gravel patio areas Materials: We source…


Driveway Paving

Here at Driveway Paving, we have a huge range of driveway paving options, from cobblelock to granite setts, you are sure to find the perfect option to suit your taste and budget. We offer free call out and quotations. You can contact us by phone or email. We can offer estimates based on measurements you give us. If you prefer, we can call out and measure for you.  Then we can give you advice on designs and styles that would suit your home. Driveway Paving options: Cobblelock Cobblelock is a very popular, versatile and affordable paving option for your driveways….