Are Driveways Covered by Home Insurance?

Most home insurance policies cover the structure of your property so driveways will more than likely be also covered under the same policy. Home insurance gives your home the protection it needs in the event an accident or loss occurs. House insurance gives you peace of mind that your property is always protected in the event an accident occurs. Buying a home is a huge responsibility and investment so it is vital that you protect it at all costs. Insuring your home protects the building and the contents inside also. There are 2 main parts to home insurance these include:

  • Personal liability insurance
  • Property insurance

Property insurance is split up into categories these include:

  • Personal property
  • Dwelling building
  • Additional living expenses
  • Detached private structures (such as a detached garage)

Your driveway is a part of your home structure and dwelling. It’s just like as if you owned a decking or a swimming pool. The cover you have on your own will cover the driveway also. You should review your policy and make sure you know your situation and state. Your driveway that goes into your home must lead in the same direction.

Driveways to structures and outbuildings are covered under your adjacent and unattached structures cover. If it’s a case that your driveway doesn’t lead into your house and is included in the portion of the unattached structure, you must ensure your cover is in place and you have enough in case any damage occurs to your driveway and you need to replace it.
If your driveway leads to where you may have your business, the policy you have may not be covering you. If the driveway is leading from the road to your workplace you may not be covered.

What’s covered?

Any damage to your driveway is covered the same as the home is. Home insurance policy cover for a dwelling is a special form, or everything that is excluded is covered under the policy. For any claim to be covered they must be caused by an unexpected or sudden event over time.
The excluded perils can be covered through endorsements to the additional cover or home insurance policy that was separately purchased. Verify with your earthquake and flood insurance providers if driveways are considerable structures covered.

Common exclusions

  • Flood
  • Neglect
  • War
  • Animals owned by insured
  • Earth movement, mudflow, or mudslide
  • Intentional loss
  • Earthquake
  • Birds, vermin, rodents, insects
  • Ordinance or law
  • Settling, shrinking, bulging, or expanding
  • Wear and tear, deterioration

Any driveway damage that can be covered under your policy must be by accidental damage and if you make a claim it must be issued in a time that is reasonable. If a tree fell on your driveway and it cracked it, you will be covered for this damage under your home insurance policy. This is an unexpected accident that occurred.

What’s not included

A lot of home insurance policies have certain exclusions and conditions. Some exclusions such as natural disasters are not covered by a house insurance policy. Natural disasters can include flooding, tsunamis, and earthquakes. Any damages caused by wear and tear, mudslides, groundwater, standing water, and sewer backups are also not covered.

Purchasing a home policy separate is the best way to go in protecting your property and home.

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