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Here at Driveway Paving we offer a vast range of landscaping services, including grass installation, raised and level flower beds, steps and planters.

Grass Installation

We do all types of grass installation; artificial grass, roll on grass and seed grass. Artificial grass is an ideal option if you are looking for a low maintenance garden area. Roll on grass is cheaper than artificial grass but does require regular  cutting in the Summer months to maintain it looking at its best. Seed grass is the cheapest option however you do need to wait for a short time for it to germinate and several months for it to develop into a thick well established lawn. For this reason, roll on grass has become a more popular option amongst our customers. We are experienced in all of the above methods of grass installation so you can rest assured that whichever option you choose you will have a high quality job done.

Flower Beds and Planters

Flower beds can be a beautiful addition to you garden. They make an ideal centre piece but can also make use of an unused corner of your garden. For our less green fingered customers, a popular option is to lay pebble on the flower bed with plants coming up through Mypex membrane as this minimises weeds and maintenance.We can build flower beds with a wide range of materials, including Ashford finished blocks, bricks, sleepers and much more.

Whatever your vision for your garden may be, we promise to find something to suit you while keeping within your budget.

So if you would like to avail of our landscaping services, get in touch now on 0852175888 or 019039026. Alternatively you can contact us through our contact form by clicking the link below. Don’t forget we offer free no obligation quotations.

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