10 Innovative Garden Design Ideas

Most people think of gardening as a way to cultivate plants, but what about using gardening as a way to design your outdoor space? Gardens can be used to create focal points in your yard and add personality. This guide will provide some tips on how to design your garden. Let’s get started!

keep your paving clean guide

How To Keep Your Paving Clean | 2021 Guide | Driveway & Paving Specialists

This article will explore the best methods known for maintaining and caring for all forms of paving. This is the knowledge we have learned from our wealth of experience within the paving industry across Dublin.

Paving is a popular choice for homeowners because it offers an extremely attractive and long-term option for decorating an area in your home. It offers a wide range of options to choose from depending on the overall aesthetics of …

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Garden Paving in Dublin | An Introduction from Driveway Paving

 Garden Paving Dublin Garden Paving – An Introduction As part of the exterior of your home, your garden, patio or driveway is the first area of your home that people usually see. An attractive and well-maintained garden gives your home a distinctive appearance, making it stand out from other houses on the street. The best way to ensure that your home’s outdoor area is as tasteful as the inside is by paving your garden, driveway, or patio in line with modern garden paving trends. Want to know how paving can help elevate your home’s landscaping? Worry not! Driveway Paving and…

How to lay patio paving

Lay Your Patio Step by Step

Lay your Patio Step by Step How to lay a patio is a question that jumps on the minds of the DIY lovers. In this text, we will explain you step by step how the process is completed. Moreover, you will get information about the materials you can use for your patio project and what are the characteristics of them. Before we continue, let’s explain what a patio is. The word is Spanish and refers to the inner courtyard. So, a patio is the outdoor paved area adjoined to your house, and generally, this area is used for dining or…

Block Paving Dublin Front Patio

Block Paving in 2021

Block paving Block paving is one of the most commonly used methods for driveways, pavements, and patios in Ireland. All around Dublin, from airports and parks to back yard patios, you will see plenty of block paving applications. Some of them are part of our projects, especially in Dublin where the majority of our clients are. In this blog post, we are providing you with informative and straightforward information about block paving, including permeable paving. Let’s get started. Where can I use block paving? Over the last decades, block paving has seen rapid growth in popularity in the Irish paving…


Driveways Dublin

Driveways Dublin When it comes to your home, often we don’t see the value of a first impression. It doesn’t matter whether this is your forever home, a home you plan to renovate and sell on, or it is merely bridging the gap between the next move. You want to ensure that your home can make the very best first impression. But does your home do that? Often we can forget about some of the factors that could be letting our home down in that department. The driveway, the path to the door, the way the windows and doors actually…