Garden Paving

Garden paving As summer is arriving, we are all spending more time in the garden. So why not invest in a garden overhaul so you can enjoy your summer days and barbecue get togethers in a beautiful space. Whether you would like to tidy up your existing patio, extend your current paving or invest in a patio from start to finish, here at Driveway Paving we are sure to find an affordable solution for your home. Driveway paving provides a huge range of garden paving services. We provide our paving services to all of Dublin and Kildare and parts of…

paving options

What paving slabs to use

So are you thinking of getting your driveway or patio paved or your garden landscaped? Well you have come to the right place. Now you are probably trawling through photos in the gallery and coming across numerous paving options, styles, colours and designs. I will discuss paving options simply below to help you understand this topic better. Types of paving options available: You have 2 basic types of paving stone; manufactured slabsĀ and cobbles or natural stone. Manufactured cobbles and slabs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are a very durable paving option are generally cost less than…