Recent projects


Artificial grass patio, Saggart Dublin

We were asked to install artificial grass, which is a popular option amongst busy homeowners. The existing area was quite damp and mucky, so excavation of the existing area was needed. A good thickness of 1 foot hardcore base was placed in order to prevent drainage problems arising again as the area had suggested with poor drainage in the past. This process was completed in 3 different stages to compact it well and ensure no future sinking will arise. Paving grit was installed to get the final levels and the membrane was set to stop any unwanted weeds peaking through….


Porcelain Patio, Lucan Dublin

  This project was pure pleasure to work on. It started off with digging of existing topsoil and removing the old slabs, to prepare the terrain for hardcore base. After the base was in place, wacker plate was used to firm it up. For paving this patio, one of the best solutions out there was used; county crema outdoor porcelain tiles with 100×100 split finish yellow granite sets which were used to create unique flowerbed areas, which without, this project would not be the same. For more results from porcelain paving, visit our porcelain paving gallery. Give us a call…


Granite patio in Howth, Northside Dublin

  A builder in Howth hired us for a modern project on a larger scale. All the previous preparation for installing slabs was already done. Only the technical work and fine details were left for us. On finished hardcore base we installed large yellow granite slabs 600x900x30mm thick with yellow granite steps to connect the 2 split level patios together, and we set yellow granite wall cappings 1000×350×80mm in thickness.  All the slabs were laid in full bed mortar sand and cement and were joined with cement, for low maintenance and long lasting effect. For more photos of granite driveways…


Gravel driveway, Rathgar, South Dublin

  We visited another household in Rathgar. Early in the morning, digging up of existing topsoil base took place.  We installed a membrane which will have the benefit of helping to prevent unwanted weed to peak through. Then we installed hardcore base and used wacker plate, which vibrates to compact the ground firmly. Next we lay a thin sand layer before the final layer which was the pink quartz gravel 20mm thick. Sand binds with the hardcore to close the gaps between the stones and keeps gravel from mixing with the hardcore. Then came the time to install yellow granite…


Granite driveway Walkinstown, South Dublin

  We present you another footpathand entrance makeover. For this project we used popular silver granite slabs 600×300 with silver granite kerbs smooth finish.  1000x200x100mm is the size of the kerbs used for boxes for flowerbed area which gave a nicer look and satisfied our customers expectations. On this job we paved on top of the existing concrete base and we laid all the slabs in full bed mortar sand and cement and joint them with a cement so that weeds won’t grow through the joints, and for a long lasting job. For more projects of granite driveways and patios…


Cobblelock driveway Monkstown, South Dublin

Another job completed in Monkstown south side Dublin. On this project we dug up the existing concrete driveway and we installed castlestone natural cobblelock 2 size mix with charcoal border around the edges to give it a nice finish, we built a flowerbed area and we clad it with silver granite slabs and capped it with silver bullnose granite capping, And we installed silver bullnose granite steps to blend in with the rest of the driveway. For more results from cobblelock, visit here. Give us a call now for your free no obligation quotation on 0852175888 or 019039026. You can…


Limestone driveway, Walkinstown Dublin

  The time came for this old concrete driveway to be transformed into a limestone paved one. The whole process was completely performed by our team. To remove the old concrete base, firstly, we used heavy duty machinery to break it into small pieces. Next, a new hardcore base replaced the old concrete. After we made sure that everything was well compacted using a vibrating plate compactor. Now that the base was prepared it was time for paving the mix of 4 different sizes limestone slabs to give it attractive design, in a full mortar cement bed. Cement was also…


Imprinted concrete, Tallaght Dubin

Replacing an old tarmac driveway with imprinted concrete is nothing new. It has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. This kind of solution gives you nice and clean finish and quick results. In order to pour concrete, first, demolition of and old tarmac driveway happened. Then hardcore base was installed and well compacted. High quality concrete was supplied and poured. It is common practice to paint the concrete after it has dried out a little bit. Dark black paint was used this time. We offer a wide range of concrete imprints. This one is chesar cobble design for a…


Gravel driveway, Rathfarnham Dublin

  What better solution for a bigger driveway than gravel? After getting everything planned out and agreed with this customer, our team was ready to transform another driveway in Rathfarnhan, and see some happy and satisfied expressions after. Excavation of the top soil started, and immediately after this,  the laying of hardcore base commenced. To breathe a bit more life in to the whole area, flower beds were built and plastered, painted and capped with silver granite cappings. Silver granite kerbs were installed to create another section of low flowerbed, and we also installed a split level patio area with…


Yellow granite patio, Lucan Dublin

Replace your worn out decking with natural stone material and create a well used paved patio. Easier for maintaining and longer lasting. We begun with removing the old decking and excavation of top soil to prepare everything for hardcore base. Wacker plate was used to ensure that everything is well compacted, and the effects of this will be prevention of granite slabs moving. Block wall was made in the corner for flowerbed area which we cladded with granite cladding and capped it off with granite slab on top which created a sitting place. Now that we covered all the details,…